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Welcome to InstantKB 2018

Welcome to InstantKB 2016

Welcome and thank you for choosing InstantKB. To get started you can login using the default administrator account shown below. To login click the login link within the top right corner and use the email address and password below...


Password: admin

Once logged click the circular photo alongside your username again within the upper right of the screen. This will reveal a drop down menu allowing you to manage your account. Within the drop down menu you'll see links to access both the InstantKB Agent & Admin Control Panels.

The InstantKB Agent Control Panel allows you to create and manage all of the content that will be available within your public and / or private support spaces. You can also respond to all inbound support tickets and manage contacts via the Agent CP.

The InstantKB Admin Control Panel allows you to configure important application settings, create new support spaces, configure inbound support channels or manage workflows, permissions, groups, SLA, custom fields, users, agents & much more.

Need Help?

For assistance on getting started with InstantKB please refer to our own support site at

Should you have any questions please never hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy using & get value from InstantKB.

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